effective addiction solution

A New Paradigm in Addiction Recovery

The idea that one can be rid of a life long addiction in 15 hours’ challenges best accepted practices including psychotherapy in its various forms. The reason why 15 hours of the Rapid Addiction Solution works, is because unlike psychotherapy which primarily engages the limited, logical and rational conscious mind (symptoms management), the Rapid Addiction Solution deals directly with the source of the problem, the Subconscious Mind.

The Subconscious Mind is the store-house of our memories beliefs and perceptions. It is where trauma and pain resides from birth. At a deeper level, addiction oftentimes become ones shield from such early trauma and it’s therefore necessary to address the pain (the underlying mental anguish, trauma or guilt fueling the self-destructive behavior) on that deeper level which will resolve its crippling effect (addiction).

Change Your Life Now

Addiction does not have to be a lifelong struggle, if your ready to take on the challenges of your past with the help of a battle tested therapist. The goal of the Rapid Addiction Solution is to attack the cause of addiction at its core, the powerful emotions stemming from trauma including violence, abuse, neglect, and loss.

Because the distress caused by these unprocessed and unreleased traumatic emotions is experienced day-in and day-out, so is the effort and desire to not feel them become our daily focus, which is how a habit is formed.

Compulsive behaviors, such as substance abuse, food addiction, compulsive gambling, work addiction, sexual addiction, codependent behavior, or being trapped in perfectionism, reflect the presence of traumatic feelings, and our need to relieve and control them.

The two pillars of the program

It is often the mental and emotional burden of trauma that is at the foundation of addiction, which is why a multi-disciplinary approach is the most effective path to recovery. Addressing the non-physical root of addiction, either before or after formal medical treatment, can help increase the efficacy of treatment and possibly prevent future relapse.

1. The centerpiece of the program is a 7.5-hour intensive session which builds enough momentum to initiate transformation at the deepest level.

2. It takes a special person to make a difference in your life (see bio here).