15 Hours to End Addiction

Avinoam Lerner

Avinoam Lerner

Founder of The Rapid Addiction Solution

Author, TEDx speaker, and a Practitioner in the Field of Integrative Medicine helping people facing Cancer, Addiction and Dependency recover.

For over 20 years, Avinoam has applied his battle tested army experience to developing his focused approach that help clients traverse the labyrinth of destructive thinking, the underpinning of all addictions.

Intensive Individualized Program:

The power of the Rapid Addiction Solution program lies in its innovative and condensed format.

The 15 hours are divided into several segments. First, is the Breakthrough-Day, where we work for 7.5 straight hours. During this time, we travel the many corridors of your mind, some are lit and some are not, and, in the process, unravel and undo the patterns driving your addiction. This remarkable day is followed by two future 3-hour sessions, and a final 1.5-hour session.

The intensive format is what produces significant results, especially on day one, your marathon session. We begin the process by resolving and unlocking mental and emotional patterns at the root of the addiction. We then work to establish a lasting behavioral change in the follow-up sessions.

Effective Solution for:

  • Alcohol addiction, Tobacco
  • Opioid pain killers, such as codeine and oxycodone, heroin
  • Sedatives, hypnotics and anxiolytics (medicines for anxiety such as tranquilizers)
  • Cocaine, methamphetamine and other stimulants

Addressing the Core of Trauma-Based Addiction.

The Rapid Addiction Solution is a holistic, and goal oriented approach to recovery designed to identify, unravel and undo the mental and psychological patterns breeding suffering and fueling the destructive behavior.

Addiction is a whole person event, and the Rapid Addiction Solution addresses the need for treatment to include more than just the limited physical dimension of addiction through detoxing and rehab.

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Body-Mind Integration
NeuroLinguistic Programming

This is NOT talk therapy!

For treatment to be successful, we must look beyond the body-centered treatment, into the realm of the Subconscious Mind.

Conventional addiction treatments offer people a fighting chance by helping them be substance free and acquire coping skills and strategies to manage addiction. And yet, effective as these skills and strategies may be, they are a short terms strategy. They do not solve the problem because they do not get to the root cause of the suffering, they do not penetrate one’s self-concept and therefore do not resolve the mental anguish fulling the addiction.

The Myth of Will Power

Coping skills and strategies solely rely on your will power to be executed, but will power, which is the realm of the conscious mind is but a “short term agency”. A perfect example of what this means is New Year’s Resolutions. If you’ve ever made one, this may be familiar, you set up your mind to do something only to find yourself failing and back at square one i.e. relapses.

People can’t change their behavior because the conventional approach does not address ones “self-concept” i.e. what you believe about yourself to be true. In order to do this, you have to alter your view of self – work at the level where belief and perception reside. This is the realm of the Subconscious Mind. It requires the right methodology which is a deeper form of intervention.

Need More Info?

If you feel you might benefit from this work, the next step is to schedule a free, no-obligation half-hour consultation in which we set forth an action plan best suitable for your experience and needs. You can either call us at 617.564.0707, email us at support@releaseyouraddiction.com.